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Why did you decide to crowdfund Director's Cut?

I wrote the movie to use the intimacy of a director’s commentary to be the plot point in a scary movie. A creepy, twisty plot working in a monologue over a thriller. Hollywood, as a whole thought it was“too smart” (or thought it sucked, and wanted to let me down easy). The weakest part of the script was how the bad guy (me) got on the set. As I thought about crowd-funding, it solved two questions. If our bad guy was a crowd-funder it would solve a plot problem . . . and it would give us the money Hollywood wouldn’t give us to make our movie. It just kind of all fell together.

When is Director's Cut scheduled to be released?

That's always a tough guess, we're still working on casting the perfect leading actress for the movie. But if all goes well, we hope to shoot right after New Year's and get the movie done by summer. It’ll be out in 2014 or my name isn’t Herbert!

What gave you the idea for Director's Cut?

As I said, it started with thinking about director’s commentaries on DVD and how the intimacy and trust could be perverted into something really creepy and scary. I’m obsessed with “found footage” movies like “The Blair Witch Project” and Rif’s “Look.” I wanted a mashup put together by the bad guy in a movie, after he stole the outtakes to the movie and kidnapped the lead actor and held her in a green screen dungeon making her act the lines the way HE wanted them.

How did Penn and Adam decide to team up on Director's Cut?

I fell in love with Rif. I just fell in love. I watched his “Look” with friends on a Friday night. It was clear that he would make my script for “Director’s Cut” really swing. Once I saw his work, the whole project came together in my head. I wrote an email to my agents and managers and asked them to find Rif and set up a meeting. But, that wasn’t enough. I tweeted and cyberstalked him and found we had some shared friends. I wrote to him at midnight on that Friday night. He was home, of course. We flirted a while on the phone and I told him I wanted to fly to LA and meet him. Then we couldn’t wait, and we talked on the phone and I explained my idea for “Director’s Cut” and he seemed to love it. I emailed him the script at about 2AM. He called back about an hour later and said he loved it. We talked on the phone again, and decided to make the movie together. I wrote an email to my agents and managers at 4AM saying, they didn’t need to find Adam Rifkin, because he was already my partner on this project. He’s has been everything I hoped for and more so far.

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